Multiple Criteria Analysis in Decision Support Systems

Kavala,Greece October 11-13, 2012

12th Special Conference of the Hellenic Operational Research Society (HELORS)

9th Meeting of Multiple Criteria Decision Aid


The 9th meeting of Multiple Criteria Decision Aid takes place as part of a meeting series, realized over the previous years. We consider the success of those meetings as a clear sign of the intensive research by Greek scholars of the field. The aim of the 9th meeting is to allow scholars and practitioners of MCDA in MIS to present their work and share their research. The meeting will provide participants with an opportunity to:

  1. Present their research work in a relaxed and supportive environment

  2. Receive feedback and suggestions from peers and experienced faculty

  3. Gain an overview of the breadth and depth of multiple criteria decision aid research

  4. Discuss concerns about research, applications, the job market, and other issues 



Kavala Institute of Technology - Accountancy Department

Center of Technological Research of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

Important Dates

  1. Bullet Paper submission:                       September 1

  2. Bullet Notification of acceptance:          September 15

  3. Bullet Camera-Ready papers:               December 31                                       (extended papers for special issues)


  1. As a part of its efforts to promote and stimulate scientific research and disseminate knowledge at a national level, Hellenic Operational Research Society has created workgroups (WG), which include scholars and practinioners with similar research interests. A workgroup has goals such as: strengthen the network of its members, disseminate knowledge and information effectively, organize events, co-authoring publications and in general, take any initiative seems prosperous for the promotion of the WG’s specific topic. The workgroup “Multiple Criteria Decision Aid” focuses on the the field of decision support and decision making while considering multiple criteria.

  2. BulletWorkgroup Coordinator: Prof. Yannis Siskos (;

  1. The following meetings have been realized the previous years:

  2. Bullet    1st meeting: Chania, October 30-31, 2003

       (Chair: Constantin  Zopounidis)

  1. Bullet    2nd meeting: Chania, October 21-22, 2004

        (Chair: Constantin Zopounidis)

  1. Bullet    3rd meeting: Chania,  September 29-30, 2005

        (Chair: Constantin Zopounidis)

  1. Bullet    4th meeting: Larissa, September 27-28, 2006

        (Chair: Nikolaos Matsatsinis, Giorgios Samaras, Pandelis Ipsilandis)  

  1. Bullet    5th meeting: Chania, September 27-28, 2007

        (Chair: Evangelos Grigoroudis, Michael  Doumpos)   

  1. Bullet    6th meeting: Chania, Septmeber 30, 2008

        (Chair: Evangelos Grigoroudis, Nikolaos Matsatsinis)

  1. Bullet    7th meeting: Orestiada, October 30 – November 01, 2010

        (Chair: Garyfallos Arampatzis)

  1. Bullet    8th meeting: Eretria, December 8 -10, 2011

        (Chair: John Psarras)

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